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Google keeps inching its way toward the +1 being a go to social signal as much as a Facebook Like is. There is still a long way to go but as these +1’s get more integrated into existing Google features they get a little more juice.

The latest is the opportunity for things that have been +1’d by a Gmail contact or someone from a Google+ circle to show up in the spotlight section of Google News.

The blog post tells us

Over the past few months, myriad sites across the web (including Google News) have adopted the +1 button to help start conversations. But there hasn’t been an easy way for signed-in users to see what news articles your friends are enjoying — until now.

Starting today, the Spotlight section will sometimes include articles that your Gmail contacts and people in your Google+ circles have publicly +1’d. You can see their profile pictures and click through to their Google+ profiles, just like on Social Search. And of course you can +1 the stories too, expressing your opinion and optionally sharing with your circles.

Any thoughts?

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