Posted November 25, 2011 1:03 am by with 3 comments

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Google ran a TV ad on Thanksgiving during the early NFL game. I missed it live (which means I wasn’t paying close attention to the game, huh?).

My question is whether the regular Thanksgiving Day football viewer will understand an ad with the tagline “Sharing but like real life. That’s a plus.” Will they get what it does? I doubt it.

Here’s the ad. What’s your take?

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  • Donnie

    FOOTBALL PERSON, COMPUTER PERSON OR ROCKET SCIENTIST – I doubt anyone will really get it

  • We don’t have to get what it does…we’re already drunk on foodstuffs, imbibed on football, and we’re not looking for explanation like we would be on Super Bowl Sunday.

    It was a lame commercial, that missed the mark with kitschy inauthentic dialogue, but the point of Google having a social space was received.

    Now they can drill that home while trying to convince us why we should join.

    Does that TV spot represent reinforced committment on Google’s behalf?

  • Well only those people will get it who know the purpose of google plus. Otherwise it’s not for those who are using G+ as a social network.