Posted November 3, 2011 7:30 am by with 2 comments

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In an event that can only be classified as “Did this really happen? Really?!” Google has rolled out their Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you were do something this big end users would expect that it would be in good working order when the announcement was made, right? Not in this case. In fact, Google may have helped to coin a new phrase with this this one as we will no longer refer to messes like this as a train wreck but rather an app wreck.

In a nutshell, the app was not ready for prime time. To their credit the Gmail team did the right thing.

Forget about what it was supposed to do. Most who have worked their way through the notification errors and the like are wondering why this was even necessary. Everyone’s favorite social media gadfly, Robert Scoble has used Google’s own Google Plus as a platform for trashing the app.

No need to go through the problems with the app. That ground has been trampled to death in other places. What is needed to ask is how something like this happened? Could it be as crazy as Google doing it on purpose to eventually point to how tough it is to do anything in walled garden environment of Apple? Even I think that is a real stretch.

In the end this “need” to have an app for everything is proving to be dangerous in some cases when the rollouts don’t meet expectations. Considering Google’s competitive situation with Apple maybe they just don’t care whether it works for iOS or not.

So what have we learned from this episode? I’m not sure. As an Android user its no skin off my you know what. What about you Apple folks? Is this an issue for you?

  • Oh snap! I’m glad I didn’t miss out on installing this app then. I still think Google should care about having a great iOS app, simply because of the vast numbers of Apple users (like me) who use Gmail. Currently, I’m stuck with using Gmail browser app on my iPad because the native Mail app doesn’t suit my needs. And neither does the browser app.

  • Hi Frank,

    In my opinion the worst thing about this whole story is that Google didn’t do a quality check on this app. If you launch anything with these errors, on any platform, it doesn’t bode well for your quality control.
    This might in the future influence as well the image of the company, because everyone expects a certain level of service / quality or whatever…