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The electronics department of Santa’s workshop will be putting in extra hours this year as more kids are adding tech items to their holiday wish list. What’s number one? It’s not a video game player, it’s an iPad.

According to a new survey by Nielsen, 44% of kids 6 to 12 years old are interested in owning an iPad, and iPod Touch came in next at 30% and 27% want at iPhone.

Here’s how the tech items stack up:

All things considered, video game consoles are pretty low on the list, which is a good indicator of where we’re headed. Why own a player that can only handle one brand of game, when you can own a device that allows you to play multiple games, including Facebook games and connect with friends while you do it?

Looking at everyone over 13, iPad interest drops to only 24%, but this is still an increase over last year.

And check out the e-Reader. It ranks near the bottom of the list for kids, but third highest for adults. But when you look at actual percentage, it’s 17% vs 18%, so either way, e-Readers aren’t doing all that well. Not surprising since, once again, a tablet can function as an e-Reader and still allow you to shop online while you’re waiting for your lunch order.

What’s the top tech item on your holiday wish list?