Posted November 25, 2011 10:12 am by with 2 comments

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Look I will be the first to admit today is a very slow news day.

That’s why we are sharing this bit of data from Yelp which obviously is trying to let people know that it’s more than just a restaurant review site.

This kind of “re-imagining” of a brand is something that is difficult in the Internet age. Yelp has allowed its users to define it and many have decided that Yelp is their home for reviewing restaurants. In order for the company to grow though it will need to have a broader reach.

How do you use Yelp? Is it a place where you review everything or has it been painted into a corner by being only for a certain segment of your life?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this Black Friday. After all, you may be doing a bit of shopping and eating today, right?

  • Yelp seems like a review portal unto itself, with a rabid following of fans ready to divulge wtmi. I don’t use it very much personally because of that, I’d rather read an array of reviews from an array of sources.

    We do recommend it wholeheartedly for citation building/visibility/dwom – but they’ve had legal issues with dental offices and patient reviews, so its touchy.

    That, and the special (almost threatening) calls received from Yelp following account activation. That alone cheapens the brand, at least from this smb perspective.

  • if you wanna know more about yelp, read no further than ‘yelp and the business of extortion 2.0 –
    I got a client who got hit with a damaging (untrue) review. yelp wouldn’t remove it. when she wanted to remove her business, yelp responded with legalese. you’re better off without yelp anyway. I question the iq of the ‘rabid’ fans of yelp.