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2011 is headed into the home stretch, so it’s time to look back at what the third quarter had to offer. Yes, it’s time for another look at a MillennialMedia SMART report.

Overall, the report shows that mobile advertising is still on an upswing which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. What might surprise you are the stats themselves. Like this: Watch Video as a post-click campaign action rose 78% over last quarter. It jumped from 18% to 32% making it one of the top 3 trends of Q3.

Video is everywhere. More advertisers are using video to show off features and benefits of their products. Others use video as a source of entertainment creating a positive (and hopefully viral) experience that shoppers will learn to associate with a brand.

Application downloads as a campaign destination grew 22% quarter over quarter. Games continue to be the number one download. News applications grew 36% while Smartphone usage popped up 7%.

Where do we go from here? Millennial Media says our mobile ad campaigns will be getting more sophisticated. Behavioral targeting combined with mobile device demographics will help companies reach a specific audience with customized ads. Also, the line between brick and online will become even more blurred.

The reality is, at least a quarter of all consumers are never really offline and that’s something retailers need to think about if they want to succeed in business.