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There are certain things that you just know with regard to the internet space and one of those is the link between mobile and retail. They work well together. It makes sense. Going on gut, however, usually isn’t enough to convince others as to why you feel the need to increase spending on mobile efforts if you are a retailer.

So to make the point a little clearer that mobile and retail are becoming more joined at the hip than ever, we look to an eMarketer article that first highlights data from comScore which tells us that mobile users are truly relying on their devices to help them make purchase decisions.

What can this considerable uptick be contributed to? There are many factors but good ol’ fashioned time is likely to be the best measure. As people get more and more comfortable with the capabilities of their mobile devices and thus, more reliant on them they will be using them for more than just checking the weather or looking for restaurant reviews.

Further research from Hipcricket shows some specific reasons why mobile users turn to their phones for retail information. Once again, no real surprises when you consider this from a logical point of view but having data to support these assumptions is becoming more and more critical in order to sell ideas up the marketing food chain.

We have moved long past the “year of mobile” question. It’s arrived and it’s becoming more embedded in the fabric of higher end consumers’ habits. I say higher end because smartphone use still tends to hit the desirable demographics of people with money to spend and the desire to spend it.

As a marketer, have you taken mobile seriously enough to this point in its evolution? Retail or not, people access information on the go more than ever. B2B, B2C it doesn’t matter much any more. What does matter is that you are working to develop and execute a strategy that will help people make the choice for your products and services when they are out and about. So, are you?

  • Very informative data. The marketing industry is growing rapidly more so with the focus on social medial and search engine optimization.

  • Interesting study, I’m afraid we doesn’t take mobile technology in this way seriously enough.