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Now that more people are using their mobile devices to search and shop, more advertisers are paying for mobile ads — it’s the circle of life and it’s working out well for everyone involved.

New numbers from Performics show that smartphone CPCs are still a real bargain, coming in at around 40% less than desktop CPCs. The one mobile exception is the tablet, which, last week, rose 20% over desktop CPCs.

When compared to last year, mobile impressions and click shares are both way up. Says Performics:

“We now predict that mobile paid search will make up 25.4% of all clicks (desktop + mobile) in December 2011, up 8 percentage points from our projection a month ago.”

For those visual learners in the bunch, here’s a graph that tells it like it is.

Mobile shopping will continue to rise in the next few weeks as time-crunched shoppers hunt for the perfect gift. They’ll also be on their smartphones looking for the best price, checking into shopping apps like ShopKick and buying instant deals for a relaxing meal.

One caveat. Don’t push desktop paid search ads to mobile and expect to see excellent results. In order to get the best CPC, ads should be customized with the mobile consumer in mind. Put yourself on a busy street with a phone in your hand, then compose your ad copy. And mind those landing pages, as mobile consumers want quick, focused results.

Have you had success with mobile paid search? We’d like to hear about it.