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A recent survey of 1,000 consumers returned a very nice result — 62% said they’d be willing to make a purchase on their mobile device. . . but only if they were incentivized to do so. Coupons, discounts, loyalty points and gift cards were all mentioned, but oddly, so was text alerts. So maybe it’s not so much about saving money, as it is about being given an easy link to click on.

According to the survey, which was conducted by Sybase 365 and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), shows that mobile interest is increasing at a rapid rate. Last year, only 32% of those surveyed said that an incentive would encourage mobile spending.

Without any incentive, respondents said they’d still use their phone to research their shopping trips. 38% use it to find store locations, 34% compare prices, 27% use it to look up product reviews.

Show Me the Money

The Sybase study suggests that financial security is still a concern, and we’re not talking about the unemployment rate. Many people are worried about sending credit card information out over a mobile device and they have a good reason.

Mobile malware is a whole new problem and security firm McAfee says that scanning QR codes could be a risk. We all have virus protection on our computers, but who has it on their phones?

In the study, 25% of respondents said they’d feel better about mobile commerce if they had a payment solution through their bank. 22% felt safe with PayPal.

The good news for marketers is that payment solutions are on the way. Have you seen the commercials where everyone pays for their share of dinner by just typing an email address into the app on their phone? We may be nervous about it now, but it’s easy to see how mobile will soon replace plastic cards and maybe even cash.

Michael Becker, managing director for North America for the Mobile Marketing Association says,

“Consumers grasp the value, convenience and flexibility that existing mobile commerce campaigns grant them, and they expect to use their mobile devices more and more. Marketers, brands and retailers that recognize this and work to realize the potential of mobile will have an edge, not only this holiday season, but moving forward.”

Yes, Mr. Becker isn’t exactly an unbiased party, but the facts are the facts. More people are using their phones and tablets to shop and that means it’s time to get moving on your mobile campaign.

  • I’m really not surprised by the increase in the figures for people willing to purchase via their mobile. Its a really interesting piece of research and I wonder if the fact it has almost doubled is in reflection of the current economic situation, where people are trying to get as much for their money as possible and save as many pennies as they can, e.g. by using loyalty cards in super markets etc. Personally I am quite hesitant about the security issues of purchasing over the phone, but am excited by the idea of mobiles replacing credit cards (i cant see it ever actually replacing money alone, at least not until way in the future, when robots rule the world, by robots i dont mean Google haha). I just hope when it does eventually come around it is all done safely and sufficiently.