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“I am not a number!”

After only ten minutes on the new B2B social media site, Identified, I wanted to shout that phrase from the rooftops. I wanted to have it printed on a T-shirt and email it over and over again to the site owners. We’re human beings, for heaven’s sake. Can we stop trying to quantify a person’s worth with a single number!

Now that I have that out of my system. . .

Identified is a new social network for the job hunter. It’s like LinkedIn, in that it’s business driven, but the goal is to open a line of communication between companies and potential employees. That’s what they say. I don’t believe it.

The first problem with the site, which has been in open beta since late September, is that they mine your data from Facebook. Facebook is a personal network. A social network. It’s not where I keep detailed information about my work life. For that, you need to go to LinkedIn, but for obvious reasons, LinkedIn isn’t likely to share data with Identified.

Once you connect via Facebook, you’re asked to fill in details about your education and work experience. The more information you fill in, the higher your score. Score is everything. According to the site notes, the Identified Score tells you how “in-demand your professional information is to companies at any given moment.” In other words, its a measurement of your worth as a human being in the world of work.

Klout does a similar thing, but at least they’re only measuring your power on social media. Identified makes you feel like your entire existence can be summed up with a single digit number. Ouch.

Once you’ve filled in your background info, Identified goes one step too far — they tell you you can increase your score by inviting your friends to join. Seriously? How does inviting my best friend from high school to join, improve my ability to handle a job in my chosen field?

As with all things connected to Facebook, Identified relies heavily on your circle of friends, posting them as shining examples you’ll never live up to. The phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” must be the mantra at Identified.

Is Identified of value to marketers? If you’re in a B2B business, it’s another place to be seen. They claim to have 50 million profiles to date and 1.8 million profiles viewed. If you don’t mind being labeled and ranked, then add your information and see what comes of it.

Me? I think I’ll stick with LinkedIn where I am represented as a person, not a number.

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