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Online video is an advertising train that is starting to roll downhill. What does that mean? It means that in relation to all other formats available to advertisers in the online space, video is growing at the most rapid pace. Of course, with growth numbers you have to be careful when drawing conclusions. Just because an area like search isn’t growing at the same rate as video it doesn’t, by any means, indicate a slow down or issue with search as a viable advertising option.

In fact, before we look at growth numbers for video as predicted by eMarkter, let’s take a look at total ad spend numbers. As you can see, in the online space search will continue to be the king in overall spend.

Now taking a look at the growth numbers you see where video is predicted to outperform every other online option there is. Part of the reason that growth numbers are somewhat deceptive is that there needs to be room for more growth in order to put up the impressive numbers. More mature advertising options like search have experienced their hockey stick growth period. It’s just a caution to watch these numbers using the proper perspective.

All that being said, are you capitalizing on the growth in advertising in online video? Does your ad spend include reaching people who are mesmerized by online video? If they are going to be there shouldn’t you be as well?

Let us know where you see video in its current state and for the future as it relates to the way you spend your ad dollars for the maximum impact.

  • Really videos are very useful in advertising and will benefit a lot if they are submitted on good sites like YouTube, Metacafe and many more. With videos you can spread good information online to the target audience.