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OK, let’s set the ground rules here. This is a post about the online space but it has to do with politics. I saw a post on Facebook from the Wall Street Journal about political candidates 404 pages. It’s an interesting thing to consider as political races are now very dependent on strong online strategy and execution. Based on a survey of this particular website element, it’s apparent that the Republicans must fully realize just how bad they got their online butts handed to them in the last presidential election, that’s for sure.

So here is a glimpse at the 404 pages of those wanting to get into office. First, out of respect for the office we’ll share President Obama’s 404 page which opts for the informative route and does a nice job of providing options for the wayward site user to check out. Pretty much what one would expect from an online savvy group like the Obama camp.

Now for the Republican side of the ledger and it looks like the front runners are playing hardball.

Herman Cain’s 404 page.

Mitt Romney’s 404 page

Now for the rest of the field which looks to be an indication that we may not expect too much from these folks in the way of online irreverence or pizzazz.

Michelle Bachmann’s page does give at least some options and good information.

The rest of the pack though? Plain vanilla and done pretty poorly at that. If their 404 efforts are any indication of their ability to help people navigate from a bad place then these are not your guys.

Newt Gingrich

Rick Perry

Ron Paul

In the end this may not seem like much but it’s this kind of attention to detail in today’s political environment can score big points with voters or cost you votes as well. While we will have to suffer through endless TV ads that are design to denigrate and humiliate an opponent that is no longer the only way to get information about politics……thank God.

What are you looking for from the next year of campaigning that we will all need to suffer through for the next year? WIll it be another Democratic online runaway or do you think the Republicans grasp the importance of this part of their efforts to get to the White House?

  • I also notice on the Cain pages that the upper left logo is customized for the visitor’s location. You get a little South Carolina map on your page, I get a little California map on mine. Nice touch.

    • Interesting, I did not notice that. My map is of NORTH Carolina though. Wouldn’t want to get confused with the folks to our south :-).

  • I had a 50/50 chance, LOL.

  • 404 pages do have an impact on how navigable and enjoyable a site is. I’d never thought to compare various 404 pages against one another. Interesting idea and really enjoyable post. Thanks for sharing.