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According to IBM, a record number of shoppers will shift their shopping from PC to mobile this holiday season. For stores with a brick and mortar component that means finding a way to tie together traditional retail shopping with a digital twist.

Come On Get Snappy

Old Navy is doing it with their Snap Appy app. Use the app to scan the Old Navy logo as you wander the store and you’ll get rewarded with games, coupons and other surprises. You can also scan special “snap marks” to get more information about that piece of clothing.

Old Navy spokesperson Deborah Yeh says the app is part shopping tool and part entertainment. It’s designed to keep the customer in the store longer as they engage more deeply with the products on the shelves.

I’m an on again / off again Old Navy shopper and this app makes me want to go to the store right now, so well done. It’s currently available for iPhone and will be released on Android in the near future.

Personalized Greetings

JC Penney is running full speed ahead with their “Who’s Your Santa” holiday campaign that ties together online, mobile, and social media with in-store shopping. In addition to a Facebook game and a presence on Google+, they’re using QR codes in a whole new way.

This season, when you buy a gift at JC Penney, you can include a “Santa Tag” which will deliver your holiday greeting in your voice. When the gift buyer scans the QR coded tag, they’re taken to a voice recorder where they can leave a 60 second message. When the gift getter gets the gift, they play back the message by scanning the code with their mobile phone.

It’s brilliant. Especially for those who will be sending their gifts to far away friends and family.

The holiday season is upon us! How are you using mobile to give your customers the best possible shopping experience?

  • Snappy Apps. I like that.

    And the Partridge Family song reference was not lost on me either. Nice…..very nice.

    • Cynthia Boris

      I’m a fan and darn proud of it!

  • I think JC Penny’s idea is really clever. It’s an added value that makes their products that much more meaningful to customers. Suddenly it’s more about giving the gift than the gift itself.

    • Cynthia Boris

      It’s amazing how a small thing like that can make such a big difference. Personalization, customization, it’s where it’s at!

  • sells talking audio QR code stickers similar to the ones JC Penney is offering that let you record a message and personalize cards and gifts.