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A year from now, there will be absolutely no reason to leave the confines of Facebook. You’ll be able to catch up with friends, watch movies, shop for stuff, conduct business and do your taxes.

Until then, you’ll have to leave Facebook to do some of those things, but you won’t have to leave in order to make a video call. Skype for Facebook is now complete. Ping any of your online Facebook friends and a video window opens inside the page. No need to waste time logging on to Skype, you can now interrupt people instantly! See. Look at that happy face.

In order to video chat with more than one person, you’ll have to upgrade to Skype premium which costs $4.49 a month, or you could go use Google+ Hangout.

Today’s AdAge has an article about how brands are using Hangout as a marketing tool. The program only allows up to ten people to connect at once, but brands are getting around this with “Hangouts on Air.” In this scenario, ten influencers are connected, but anyone can watch the proceedings just as they would a live stream event. It’s not an option that’s available to everyone, but something Google+ is testing with big brands.

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Getting back to Skype, it’s still one of my favorite internet tools. It’s an excellent way to meet with clients from all over the world for little to no money. As for Skype on Facebook, think about using it for market research or to demonstrate products to key customers or as a way of connecting with your remote workers.

One note of caution. Make sure the person you’re pinging has agreed to a video chat before you jump in and call them. No one likes to get caught with their PJs on.


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