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We often talk in general terms about the impact of mobile on marketing in very broad terms. That’s important and has its place but in order to really understand the impact of mobile you have to look at its reach in individual areas of people’s lives. If you can find where there is a higher than usual density of mobile phone use (beyond the usual 35-40% of all mobile phones are smartphones stat generally accepted today) you may be on to something.

Pat Coyle of Coyle Media LLC, a sports marketing consultancy, has conducted research with some 3,000 fans about smartphone use and put together a pretty cool infographic. The comparison between leagues, types of phones preferred and which social networks are the home of which types of users makes for interesting reading and thought for marketers looking to make their mark in mobile.

As for me? I am an Android user (for now) and a fan of ABN (anything but the NBA). What about you?