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LivingSocial members consumed 28,742 hot dogs in Q3 while burgers bit the big one with a 27% decline in sales.

That bit of trivia is part of LivingSocial’s Q3 Purchasing Trends report which also comes with a huge, but nifty infographic. We’ve got half of it here, but you’ll need to click through for the full experience.

LivingSocial members took advantage of unique learning experiences this past summer and 520,600 members spent a day at the museum.

Magazine subscriptions rose a surprising 236%, but sporting events ruled. Football ticket sales were up 411% and soccer tickets rose 126%.

To Your Health

In an ironic twist, indoor rock climbing tickets rose 17%, landing at 13,726 sold. But at the same time, members purchased vouchers for 59,904 donuts. Gonna have to climb a lot of walls to burn off those calories. Brunch vouchers were up 32% while bagels were up only 13%.

All told, LivingSocial members purchased 4.8 million Daily Deals between July and September. Not bad.

Now I’ll leave you with one final number. Thanks to LivingSocial Escapes, members have enjoyed more than 50,000 chocolate strawberries. Sign me up for that.