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The internet world is becoming increasingly mobile, we all know that. The trick for marketers is to decide just how much of their customer and user base will be involved in this movement. Even further it is imperative to understand what devices in the mobile arsenal are being used by you market.

If the numbers from eMarketer are any indication the rise in tablet usage over the next few years should make certain marketers really stand up and take notice. I say certain marketers because although the numbers from a general standpoint are impressive, just what percentage of YOUR target market will be using tablets can differ greatly for any number of reasons. Here’s the general projection fo the US tablet usage through 2014:

As I write today, the tablet market is in constant flux so just what devices will be used is another important aspect to consider for marketers. The iPad is the truly dominant tablet platform currently but everyone wonders in the deep, dark recesses of their minds whether the Apple platform will continue to be innovator in the absence of Steve Jobs’ drive and vision. Whether you feel that Apple innovation was dependent on Jobs being at the helm, it looks like what he got started with the iPad and its dominance in the marketplace is safe for the immediate future (if you believe that eMarketer can tell the future that is :-)).

While some might be alarmed by the apparent market share slip predicted by this data, having 68% of a market that could be increasing by leaps and bounds in short period of time is still impressive.

Actually, if the current environment is any indication it may be more desirable for Apple’s share of this market to decrease a bit over time. We see with the recent scrutiny of companies like Google regarding to the appropriateness of market dominance what and what unwanted attention it can bring. Being too good at something in the US can give you some face time with Uncle Sam which is not always a good thing.

So how much of your current market is using tablets? Do you know this information yet? Does it truly impact your business is the tablet becomes more commonplace?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Looks like iPad still dominating the tablet world. I’ve read some articles about the next iPad (iPad 3) and it’s been said that it will be thicker than the previous iPads…

  • You make a good point in addressing that it’s the percentage of your target audience that matters most. For some industries, that number will be much higher which means that it’s that much more important to have a mobile strategy in place. The numbers are increasing steadily and there is no reason to wait until it’s too late.