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Sometimes there is so much going on that we figure maybe it’s a good idea to put a few ideas in one post. This is one of those times.

Last week, Google+ added a YouTube widget to the news stream making it even easier to share videos with your friends. Now, it looks like the reverse is about to happen, as YouTube prepares to add Google+ functionality to its site.

The Next Web broke the story thanks to a tip from someone who has seen the light. The biggest change is a navigation sidebar that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Like Google+, the sidebar will offer quick links to subscriptions, popular videos and other categories. You’ll also find videos recommended by people in your G+ circles.

Overall, it’s cleaner, more professional looking and a big step toward becoming an actual social network. All of which, should help you make more money on your videos.

Click here to see the screenshots on TNW.

Google+ Pages Take a Turn for the Worse

On November 8, a Bank of America page opened on Google+. Only, it wasn’t created by Bank of America. It was created for the purpose of mocking the bank as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. There were posts about bank executives meeting for a party in a foreclosed home, and the seizure of bank accounts belonging to protestors. It was well thought out and well put together and it might have had a long life had reporters not latched on to the story.

Google’s initial response was that they don’t comment on individual pages and apparently they don’t close them at the drop of a hat. The offending page stayed online for a week before it was shut down.

So where do we go from here? Should Google require some kind of identification when setting up a company page? I set one up for a client and I didn’t even need a company email address. I simply picked a name and created the page.

As Google+ becomes more popular, more fake accounts are bound to pop up. Look at Twitter. Even with their verification system, fake celebrity accounts are rampant on the network.

While Google works the kinks out of the system, companies and brands need to be pro-active. If you haven’t claimed your name on Google+, do it now before someone else does.

  • I just claimed Google San Francisco simply by copy/pasting their local business number.

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