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If you didn’t know there’s power in marketing to moms, you haven’t been paying attention. But today’s message is about the mobile mom. Take a look at this graphic from eMarketer.

Not only are moms more likely to own a smartphone than the general public, they’re using it to go online in much greater numbers.

The reason they’ve become so attached to their phones is obvious, it’s a time and sanity saver.

The mobile phone allows mom to check her email, order Pizza Hut for dinner and buy shoes for the kids (at a discount) all while she’s waiting to pick up Johnny from soccer practice.

Moms are busy and they multitask like nobody’s business. That’s why, if you want to catch her attention, you need to offer something that makes her day easier or cheaper. Simply pushing a modified web ad on to her mobile phone isn’t going to cut it. But imagine an app that shows the fastest place to get dinner between school and home? A shoe tracker that sends an alert when there’s a good deal in her child’s size?

Anything that shortens the clicks between two points is of value and if it’s fun and functional, even better. . . like if I could lower my electric bill by flinging birds at virtual lightbulbs. . . I’d play that game every day.

Are you ready for the mobile mom? Take a half hour today and test your website’s functionality with a variety of mobile phones. And here’s hoping you won’t find any bad surprises.