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Hey Santa! Is it too late to drop in a quick wish list for this year for Christmas? You see, I write about a variety of things in the Internet and social media marketing space and there are more than a few things I would love to get as a gift (or maybe see as a trend) so I figured why not, right? You’re in the “dream coming true business” so I just thought I would fire this off to you.

My 2011 Christmas Wish List

  • Could you make sure that the words guru, maven and ninja and any others like them would be stricken from the social media lexicon and no one can use them again unless they are OK with being mocked and ridiculed? Thanks!
  • A nice social media metrics tool kit (that really works) – This is something that so many people are trying to build but with the varying degrees of plausibility and success it looks like we have a long way to go. Gonna need some Santa magic to figure out the best way to measure success of social media.
  • A spirit of understanding in Northern California – It seems as if the folks in the Silicon Valley region have lost touch with large numbers of people who may one day need some of their products. They seem to assume that the entire world thinks like them but, well, Santa, they don’t get it. Could you give them some kind of a reality machine to let them know that there are people out there who might like to use some cool things but they also enjoy simple language, clear instructions and a little less arrogance.
  • Peace amongst social networks – Can’t we all just get along and see that there is no way for one social network to truly please everyone and that choice is a good thing?
  • Less government involvement in all matters Internet (and business for that matter) – This one needs no explanation, right Santa?
  • Research done by unsponsored researchers – Is there any way to get real research about Internet and social media marketing that isn’t done by someone trying to promote their product and way of life? Boy, that would be neat!
  • A true competitor for Google in search – People are wondering if Microsoft is slowing down their quest to make a dent in the search industry by going head to head with Google. Heck, if they didn’t buy half their current market share no one would give them the time of day. We really could use someone who could push Google real hard in the search space. Is that something even you can’t provide, Santa?
  • A rumor filter – We say some doozies this past year Santa from all the iPhone 5 talk, which even included a pretty serious claim that Sprint had an exclusive on this year’s version of Bigfoot. It seems that the Internet news industry has confused rumors and speculation with actual facts and reality. Do you have an “I call BS!” machine or something that might stop this so we can spend time concentrating on things that are really happening?
  • An appreciation of where we are versus where we are going to be – Seems like everyone is in such a rush to do the next thing that we have a bunch of old “next things” lying around half used. I know you see this every year when you give the toys to the boys and girls and they play with them for a day then put them aside and work on next year’s wish list. In the Internet space it would so cool if you could help people use what we have in their hands today to their greatest advantage before they move on like a spoiled child and forget how cool things are that they have right now.
  • Did I mention less government involvement in the online space already? Well, this one is worth mentioning again.

So that’s my wish list for this year. I don’t know what you can do with this Santa but any help would be appreciated. In fact, I may have some people who have other Internet and social media marketing related wishes for Christmas this year. You might find some of them in the comment section today.

Thanks, St. Nick!

  • Cynthia Boris

    If I had just one Christmas wish, it would be for all the children in the world could hold and hands and sing a song . . .

    Actually, I’m with you on the social media metrics thing and the research thing. I’d still like to see those kids singing, but a rumor filter would be amazing and it should also have a fitting that keeps unsubstantiated RIP notices from going out on Twitter.

    I also wish that Netflix would take the other 1.5 million away from Hastings and divide it up over everyone on unemployment. Now that would be a Christmas to remember.