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Pep talks are awesome aren’t they? Heck, I watched the one above 6 times yesterday and I don’t even like football! A good pep talk can inspire people to do amazing things. We see them all the time in sports, political campaigns, marketing, and sometimes even in our churches!

I remember the first time I saw this one from the movie Braveheart, I wanted to die for Scotland! That’s the thing about pep talks though is they inspire quick dramatic action. Unfortunately, the hype is usually short lived. The inspiration dies off and most of us just end up moving to the next piece of content.

In fact, that’s the biggest problem I see with many marketing campaigns. The hype dies off and the public moves on. Until you show back up with another pep talk to get them motivated again! As a marketer it seems like a exhausting exercise, doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be cool to constantly inspire your customers and users with out pep talks? Doing so would create a base of evangelists and cut down on expensive marketing campaigns. How does one do that? They “bake” inspiration into the user experience. So then the simple act of using the product/service becomes the fuel for inspiration.

How does one integrate inspiration into the user experience? Well, if you are a shoe company try helping your customers find a local pizzeria if that’s what they want. If you are a mobile phone carrier offer a smart phone that even my mother can fall in love with. Optimize the user experience where users not only enjoy your products, but are inspired to tell others about them.

That’s the kind of marketing that lasts longer than pep talks, because at the end of the day, it isn’t marketing at all, it’s just good business.

  • I love pep talks and see them as a great way to get inspired. If had to choose one and only epic pep talk that would be
    ‘Arise, arise riders of Theoden!’ from LOTR3.

    I must have watched it over 60 times and each time it just gets better!