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I saw this ad for the first time today while I was doing something I NEVER do which is watch Face the Nation (I am usually at church but am under the weather in case you care).

All I could think about is how Google’s ecosystem is truly built to help businesses from soup to nuts. Even with Google+ being a question mark (and a big one at that), it’s hard to see a business thinking that Facebook can do more for their business than Google.

Is it an either/or or a both/and situation in the Google vs. Facebook business war? What’s your opinion?

  • I don’t think it’s the tool, but the willingness to reach out.

    Google posted a story about King Arthur Flour video to the Official Google Blog on December 1. In it, the company also spoke about maintaining an area for over 2000 free recipes and hosting “online baking contests.” There is a bulleted list of all the ways they are maintaining and inspiring communication with their customers.

    To even quote their Web Producer: “We now connect directly with our customers…” Three of the four communication tools they named were on-site.

    So, I’m taking my usual stance. There is no piece of software that builds traffic, trust and an absolutely necessary brand name. The company’s relationships with people and ability to create more relationships comes first. Google comes second and popular social media providers third. I wouldn’t call any of them unimportant, either.

    I hope you feel better by Christmas, if not sooner.

  • Keep It Simple … Yes. Google does better “story” than Facebook.

  • The way I see it, Google does more to outright help other businesses, while Facebook merely gives businesses the venue to help themselves. While it is true that Facebook pages for businesses are far more developed than Google+’s new pages, Google has something that Facebook does not; tools.

    Google has every type of program that Microsoft does except that they are free and simplified, able to be used from anywhere. A fully integrated Google business can create documents, save them, and have other edit them all online with no hard drive storage necessary. Facebook may have the leg up on Google when it comes to a social media outlet for businesses to network, for now, but it simply cannot compete against all the free features, programs and abilities Google offers.