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I didn’t realize that in the Internet space the expression “‘Tis the season” has nothing to do with being jolly but it’s more like “‘Tis the season to be whiny”. Look at results from a USAToday poll that dared ask the question “How do you feel about Facebook Timeline?”

How can 57% of the respondents say they are quitting Facebook or scream that they want their old profile back when the thing has just been put into wide release in the past 24 or so hours?

If you are an NFL fan you will appreciate that this line of thinking deserves a “C’mon man!” It’s become almost an international pastime to bitch and moan about anything Facebook does. Well, guess what folks? You are not in control on this one. You are simply going to need to accept what is passed down from high atop Mt. Zuckerberg. Oh and in the grand scheme of things this is nothing unless of course you determine who your friends are in bits and bytes vs. handshakes and an evening out.

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So relax. For the record I voted as “I’m indifferent” because there is a lot to digest in this change. And since I can’t change it I will just accept it and move on. The one step I did take was to clean out whatever Facebook put in my Timeline that I would rather not see there. You have until December 22 to get that done so come down off the ledge and take care of your Facebook Timeline then go have a cup of coffee with a real person. You’ll feel better :-).

CORRECTION 12.16.11 3pm EST:

7-Day Review Period
When Timeline is available to you, a notification will appear at the top of your existing profile. It will give you the option to “Get Timeline” or click “Not Now.”

Once you click “Get Timeline”, you will have seven days to review everything that appears on your Timeline before anyone else can see it. If you choose, you can publish your Timeline right away. If you decide to wait, your Timeline will go live automatically after seven days. Your Timeline will replace your Profile.

If you want to see how your Timeline appears to other people, you can find the “View As” tool under the gear menu at the top of your Timeline. This will let you see how your Timeline appears to a specific friend or the public.

Status update: Have a nice day!

Thanks to @jonbarilone. Here’s your video equivalent.

  • Jon
  • @Jon – Thank you for that perfect addition to the post.

  • Tom

    Stop whining about people whining. Your whining won’t change anything so why bother. At least if people start to quit facebook the higher ups might change their mind. Though imo the more people who quit facebook the better regardless of the reason. Your bitching isn’t even potentially productive. You might be willing to give timeline a chance, good for you, but most people have made up their minds when they realized what a piece of shit it actually is. People have a right to demand better especially from such an expensive product. The expense of course is privacy. You pay for your facebook by giving facebook the information that makes it work.

    • @Tom – So nice to have your happy demeanor stop by. Have a great day!

    • Adrian

      Hear, hear, Tom. Bitching about whining…. how hypocritical. And I’m with you also, Tom, on the fact that people should teach Zuckerberg and company a lesson about what they really value and tell them where to stuff their stupid Facebook. Nothing is sacred; anything for a buck.

  • I have to say, of all the Facebook updates, I think this is the best one! It’s super visual, easy to scan through, and way more customizable than previous versions. Most importantly, I haven’t noticed any major changes in Facebook functionality, and I’ve been using the new timeline for a few months now, as the timeline was open to Developers a while back.

    As with every Facebook update, we’ll all be used to it within a few weeks and be perfectly happy about it, until the next update comes along.

  • Get to the choppah!

    Personal – who cares right, we all need to go outside more. And buyer (user) beware.
    Business – control the environment to ensure the message being transmitted is authentic, beneficial, and engaging…SOP

  • Hey Frank, I have had the new timeline for months, well around a month & I love it!!
    I don’t know what everyone’s problem is…
    Change is GOOD & facebook is FREE!!
    Get a grip people!!!

  • LOL! It’s an old story but I guess it needed retelling every time there’s an FB update. I was an early adopter so like you I saw Facebook’s various transformations these past few years. It never fails, people will always whine about. The funny thing to me is that each time people scream about these changes, they want to revert to a format they hated just a few months before. For the record, I like this most recent update, they’re doing a great job but personally, it’s all a colossal time waster I wish I could just do without.