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Facebook Timeline Arrives with a Ticking Clock

Facebook unveiled their new Timeline design back in September but since then, it’s only been available to a section of users. Now, Timeline is ready for mass consumption.

As of right now, you can change your Facebook profile to the Timeline style, but once you click the button, the countdown clock begins. Facebook is giving users up to 7 days to review the Timeline layout and make changes before it goes public.

When I first saw the 7-day notation, I thought, so what? That’s plenty of time to erase any incidents you don’t want to revisit. Or not. Zack at ZDnet said it took him four days of tedious work to clean up his timeline. He probably has a lot more on his Facebook than most, but it’s still an indicator of where this is headed. . . into trouble.

The real confusion lies in the timing of the full roll out.

ETA: Just tried Timeline and it says the full rollout will be December 22, so yes, smack in the middle of the holidays. That’s very poor timing.

Facebook’s blog says:

To get timeline, simply go to the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline.” Or you can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your profile.

Sounds like they’ll be doing their usual slow rollout. One day you’ll have one profile, the next day it will be Timeline. If the change occurs while you’re on a Christmas cruise in the Bahamas, you may not see it until it’s too late to change it.

I still don’t have a ticker, so I’m not holding my breath for Timeline.

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Best advice is this. If you use Facebook a lot and you have potentially embarrassing information somewhere in your past history, trigger the change this weekend and spend a few hours making sure it’s up to snuff. That way, you won’t be coming home to any emails asking what you were thinking when you posted that photo from New Years 2008.