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I have decided that whenever a “report” comes from anywhere, even a “well-respected” source, that is not based in an actual announcement but is “rumored” to be in the works by “as early as” a certain date, that the title of the post will have a question mark? Why? Because it used to be that news was about something that has actually happened and is being reported on. Now the definition that works better, especially in the Internet and social media marketing space is “something that has been maybe, kinda, sorta leaked by someone in a company looking to make an impression on a news agency OR an intended leak by a company to build buzz about something that is at least 90 days away fromreality.

The latest foray into this kind of “reporting” comes from Bloomberg regarding Facebook and mobile.

Facebook Inc. plans its first push into mobile advertising by the end of March, giving the company a fresh source of revenue ahead of a possible initial public offering, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

An idea being considered is putting Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ads, which feature friends’ interactions with brands, within the mobile News Feed, said the people, who declined to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The News Feed lets users view status updates, photos and other content.

That’s all well and good but there is one small issue with this concept. Facebook does not do mobile well in most cases. Until recently the Android app I use has well been just tolerable becasue there is nothing else. Check out this mini-rant on Facebook from an entrepreneurial geek friend of mine just yesterday about the wonders of mobile Facebook

Not exactly a ringing endorsement by someone who owns a SaaS (software as a service) company that is focused on giving his users a good mobile experience. Now notice that one commenter is happy with their Android experience and I can say that I have seen some improvement in this last update. Aren’t iPhone users the ones that are supposed to be crowing about how great everything works on their holy machine rather than the other way around?

So whether or not Facebook will be rolling this out before their also much rumored IPO which may or may not happen by April or whenever of next year isn’t the real story here. The real story is asking and actually demanding that Facebook get their crap together by simply delivering their service better in the mobile space.

If you try to advertise to me and make an average experience even worse that would be, well, stupid. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen that way, though, right?

  • Good…..i will try it once for my business.