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FedEx Driver Trashes Computer Monitor & Reputation: How Should FedEx Respond?

If you’ve not yet seen this YouTube video of the FedEx delivery driver throwing a shopper’s new LCD monitor over a fence, then let’s get you up to speed.

Did your jaw drop? Mine did! You can read the back story here.

The question I have for you is, how should FedEx respond to this reputation damaging incident? I’ve listed a few ideas below, but leave a comment with your thoughts.

  • Fly the poor guy out to FedEx headquarters–on a FedEx plane–to receive a personal apology from the CEO and receive a new LCD TV.
  • An apology from the FedEx worker responsible, perhaps with an offer to come and personally set up the new monitor.
  • Bonus Idea: UPS should jump on this and send the guy a new LCD monitor, together with the message, “When It Absolutely, Positively Has to Get There….In One Piece.” :-P

OK, over to you. What advice do you have for FedEx?

UPDATE: For those questioning, no, it’s not a hoax. Tweets from FedEx…

UPDATE 2: It appears FedEx doesn’t want to spend much effort on apologizing.