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Everyone is looking for an edge in the search engines. We got that.

Seeking the advice of everyone and their brother who has tried to game Google’s system is one way to handle this “game”. It’s not the one we recommend by any means but that doesn’t stop a lot of people from trying.

Probably one of the most effective ways to build a sound website foundation is to follow some of the suggestions Google offers to everyone. You might say, if everyone is doing it then we all look alike so how does that help? Well, it’s simple. Not everyone does the basics well. And if Google is going to give you information in a quick 10 video series about rich snippets why not take the time and the advice and put it to good use?

Here’s the introductory video

Google does what it can to give folks a fighting chance. Of course, one of the issues with Google is that unless you are “in the know” or happen to stumble upon (literally and figuratively) the desired information you may not know it exists. In other words, Google, while getting better, is not a marketing machine.

One thing that can be said though is that the information you need from them is usually out there (at least in part) so taking a little extra time to find the right areas and tracking them could make all the difference in your SEO efforts for 2012.

Happy snippeting!

  • Thank you for the pointer to snippets. I will be checking this out.