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It is starting to feel at times that we are sharing Google videos about updates more often than usual. Maybe there is some kind of year end quota that needs to be reached by engineering in Mountain View?

Now Google has rolled out some Google+ updates and, you guessed it, here’s the video

There are also improvements to the photo experience as well. And here, once again you guessed it, is the video.

You can read about the updates on the Google Blog as well.

The rate of acceleration is increasing with regard to Google+ and its integration into the overall Google ecosystem. I still think that this is in anticipation of Facebook’s IPO which will generate a lot of buzz for Facebook but also a quiet period which is when Google can hit their messaging very hard to show what the overall Google offering can do vs. Facebook’s.

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It’s an interesting battle that should escalate considerably in 2012.

Who do you think will come out on top? Does there ned to be a clear cut victor or is there enough room for both?

  • So far Google+ has not been the Facebook killer it was originally dubbed. Now that Facebook is rolling out Timeline, Google+ has to continue to evolve and upgrade in order to be relevant. There may be a place for both, but it’s hard to imagine that Google+ will ever achieve the kind of market share that Facebook has.

    • @Nick – Does Google+ actually need the same share as FB to be considered successful? I don’t think so because impacts SO many other areas of personal and business information and productivity that once it gets every element rowing in the same direction there will be great power across many platforms so the pressure to be THE social network won’t exist. What will happen is that people on Google+ will be more vested in everything across the board and more “definable”.

      It will be interesting for sure but I think the “Google+ won’t survive” crowd isn’t thinking this one through.

  • Vivek B

    Google has far too many users (gmail,, picasa) for it not to succeed. Once it fully integrates those properties, it’ll be difficult for FB to compete.

    Unless Google completely hoses that…

  • Glad to see they added the multi admin feature…too bad they didn’t roll it out to ALL users today.

  • I have played about with Google plus a little it seems to be getting more popular than facebook over the past 6 mouth i think facebook has been getting very quite probably because people are fed up with it and the shine has went away. Im still waiting for Google + to really take off.