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Kelly Osbourne and the Bing Magical Holiday Calendar – sounds like a trendy children’s book, doesn’t it? What it is, is Bing making another attempt to be cool, interesting and relevant.

They were off to a good start with the Rudolph replica ads for TV. Come to think of it, Bing is the only search engine I can ever recall seeing commercials for and I remember a lot of them. That’s both good news and bad news, because even though I remember the ads, I still don’t use Bing.

Which brings me back to the Kelly and the Calendar.

Bing has installed an ugly, black and white, web advent calendar that is supposed to help you discover the magic of the holidays. The icons are numbered and you can only click on the one that matches the date or earlier.

What’s under the icon? “Creative ideas, projects and shareable stuff to lighten the day.” Also, lots of giveaways from partners such as FIAT, LiveNation, Lonely Planet and Hulu Plus. I wouldn’t mind winning a year of Hulu Plus, so I’ll probably play along. And that’s really all the hook Bing has to hang this idea on – people love to win things, so they’ll dutifully show up and play every day.

As for Kelly Osbourne? She helped Bing kick off the holidays with a video about traditions around her home. Because nothing says Christmas like Ozzy in a Santa suit.

The idea is fun and it’s good advertising for the partners, but doesn’t it feel like Bing is trying too hard to be the cool kid at school. What they should be doing is spending some of that creative energy making a great search engine instead of a great search engine ad.

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    No, it doesn’t sound like a “trendy childrens book”