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LinkedIn is:

a. my favorite social network

b. a vital business resource

c. just another time waster

If we were on LinkedIn right now, you could choose your answer and see a nifty bar graph showing how off the mark you are compared to those around you.

Polls have come to LinkedIn groups! Here’s an example straight from their company blog:

Is it me or is this a weird example? Kind of like asking what day does Christmas fall on just to see how many people get it wrong?

All mocking aside, polls are a great way to get information from your community. People love polls and are more likely to spend a second clicking on a choice than writing a comment. The poll feature allows for instant sharing on Twitter, it has a “like” option and a place for additional comments for the voters who want to solidify their position.

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If you run a LinkedIn group, check your group settings to allow anyone or only moderators to post polls. Then go for it. Find out what your members think of current industry trends, their favorite business resources, biggest small business challenges and more.

Group polling is another feature that LinkedIn hopes will keep you coming back for more. But is the site a useful tool for business or just another social media time waster? Sorry, no poll, just leave your answer in the comment section below.