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A new study by Forrester points out some very interesting things about the whole location based or geosocial marketing opportunity that exists today. While it may seem cool the fact is that most people are not even using them and haven’t even heard of them yet! Maybe this one of the reasons that Gowalla’s founders took the money and ran!

Ok everyone just relax. Before you go check in at the nearest bridge before you jump it’s not like this report is saying location based marketing is dead. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Check out these stats on those who ARE using these services and you will be encouraged.

So while the overall numbers may be small the demographic that is attracted to these services is very desirable for the right kinds of businesses. Couple that with the likelihood that this space will continue to grow then you have reason to pay attention to this area of online marketing for your own marketing efforts.

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The Forrester report does a very good job of looking into many options that exist for marketers in this expanding geosocial / geolocation / location based service area of marketing.

Are you leveraging this area for your marketing success? Do you even know what foursquare and Gowalla, errr, some other location based provider can do for your business? Is this something you are seriously considering or is your plate already too full with things that have a wider appeal? So many questions and so many readers with thoughts and ideas. Want to share where you are with this area of online marketing?

  • Not surprised by those numbers. If the 23 – 31 age group is your market (very much so in my case) I’d keep pushing forward. In the camera market, I’m seeing more gps enabled models, but not in combo with the higher end ones, hoping that comes in 2012.

  • @Michael – Not sure if I was surprised either but I bet a lot of evangelists were. LBS is over-hyped now as to its current reach but the potential is endless. It’s simply of matter of knowing who your market and knowing where they are “doing life” in the online world like you mention. Hype and buzzwords never win the day but a lot of people act like they do.