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Still having trouble getting the powers that be to give you more funds for your Internet marketing efforts? Still trying to convince some people on your team of the value of the Internet to future of the business? Well, a quarterly report produced by ZenithOptimedia which claims to be one of the largest media services firms in the world (don’t they all?) gives dome indication that the switch of marketing dollars to the online space is alive and well and should be for the next several years.

First, the overall news as we see the rise of Internet spending vs. other media choices.

Then as the research looked inside the Internet spend it found that display is leading the way with paid search following and classifieds lagging. Of course, lagging is a relative term because an average of 9% growth moving forward is not bad especially considering the state of the world economy.

So maybe this will help some sideline navel gazers to get out onto the field. One thing for sure is that those who are already in the game are going to accelerate their efforts as the online space proves to be more and more effective in doing what traditional media often struggle with which is showing measurable results that either prove or disprove the value of a campaign.

Where are you?