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We just looked at the dollars, now let’s hear from the customers who spent their holiday dollars online.

ForeSee has just released the results of their Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index and overall, it’s looking good. They ranked the Top 40 E-Retailers and came up with an average index number of 79. 80 is considered excellent. Prior to 2009, the scores averaged 75, which means consumers are now happier in their online shopping experiences.

Amazon took the top slot with a score of 88. That’s up two points over last year. On the bottom? Not surprisingly, Netflix dropped from an 86 to a 79. (6%) and (5%) also showed declines.

Other winners include TigerDirect,, and Dell.

The report notes that increasing customer satisfaction is one of the most powerful tools for increasing sales. It’s also one area that the e-tailer has control over. A small online store may not be able to cut prices as low as Amazon, but they can offer personalized service to make up the difference.

This holiday season, I bought gifts from several online outlets that dealt in unusual, artisanal and handmade items. These items cost me more than their mass-produced counterparts but they felt really special. And in the case of a hand-knitted hat for my niece, I got to choose the exact colors and fabrics I wanted. When buying a mass-market hat for my son, I was stuck with the color choices and sizes that were left by the time I got to the store.

When you look at this list of Top 40 Online Retailers, it’s easy to be intimated by their size. Just remember that started out in 1902, with one dry-goods store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

Where will your company be one hundred years from now?

  • Maja

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