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YouTube has done a major redesign and it wants you to think “channels”. They aren’t new on YouTube but now they are being showcased. This is to help the millions of YouTube users get used to the channels especially as more custom content appears in special channels in the future. I could blather on about the features but I really like it when YouTube explains these in a video, don’t you?

This redesign continues to bring the look and feel of Google into a more uniform approach. The new Google bar is doing the same thing.

Personally, I like it. What about you?

  • It was only a matter of time before YouTube got a face lift. For the most part, it’s remained the same since it first launched. Google has been updating the look and feel of all of its products so it makes sense.

  • Cynthia Boris

    I really like the new look. It’s slicker and simply more professional looking. Big emphasis on sharing, I see with Google+ button and Facebook connect. That should be good news for marketers. I like it.

  • Google seems to be doing a lot of change lately, be it Google search, Google +, Blogger, Tool bars etc. As you pointed out, it is trying to bring a kind of uniformity to all its products and making them better of course. As for the toolbar, I personally like it.

  • First i was irritated by the new design, but i quickly got into it – and now i would really miss the new navigation sidebar (where you can quickly jump to your friends and stuff). so all in all a really great update.

  • Hmmm, I’m not sure yet. At first glance, it looks overwhelming to have that many rec’s after the page jump. But we’ll see, I’ll sign in and customize it to look much more appealing.

  • 1st of all at the current time none of the cosmetic design options in the video above are currently available. If they are I sure as heck can’t figure out how to edit them. Everything I see so far it gloomy grey everywhere you look. There are quite a few edits and other settings that you have to get the new look where you need it. I maintain over 30 youtube channels for bands and I really didn’t need all of the extra work. In the 6 years I have been at youtube it has become a billboard for ads. Every channel you go to, every page, every video, ads ads ads. Sure its free. But google has an ulterior motive. Ads Ads Ads. Free to a certain extent.

  • People will probably hate it at first, similar to all the updates to Facebook. However people will grow to like it and realise its for the better.

    Then the whole process will start over again!

  • I hate the new design, there’s no room for customization all we have is a thin border to see our custom backgrounds, the rest of which is covered by a dull gray, non-removable background. I maintain the deisgns for several different youtube channels and I am annoyed that youtube is changing the design of the channels. Not only that but the new homepage sucks, videos are no longer grouped by the most recent 4 videos per user which makes for more scrolling instead of an easy quick view per channel. Also you can no longer click X on a video you don’t want to watch from the homepage so unless you watch the video in it’s entirety it will still show up on you subs box on the homepage, horrible setup. Youtube really needs to get rid of their current design team and just listen to it’s users, many people including myself hate this new design.

  • Kay

    Is the new design going to evolve into what’s in the above video? Because, at the moment, it’s just a bunch of ugly white boxes, a beast to try to navigate, & is so horrible it’s unreal. Truly unbelieveable to think a filthy rich empire like Google came up w/ something so cheap! If this thing is going to evolve into something we can actually design then why not wait to release when we can do that? Why show us this half-@ssed crud? Where is there a place for channel comments to show? I have many friends who are big into text art. From what I can see this new design has killed text art, killed channel comments, killed the “friends,” killed the big “about me” section that was so easy to find & read in the old style, & just killed all the fun altogether. Unreal!

    • Craig

      Google seems to be trying to emulate Facebook’s approach to the All for us and nothing for the user’s approach to monetizing their site…. and why not… they own it. But little is left for what was once a partnership… now the partnership is by their terms only! Its a big loss to us little guys who were making a modest income from our partnership.. and a great Win Win or the big guy! Life goes on… now more democratic sites will appear 🙂 It’s funny the owners chose a time when Youtube helped topple so many Dictatorships to in turn take away so many freedoms from its users…. Poetic injustice? or shareholder mediocracy? You be the judge.