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Yesterday, we talked about the rise in the Consumer Confidence Index and today we’re seeing the proof in the online pudding. comScore checked in with every, single e-commerce site, then tallied up the holiday shopping numbers.

Compared to the same shopping weeks last year, 2011 came in 15% higher. And here’s a chart that lays it all out for you in black and white.

Okay, so they probably didn’t actually check in with every website and it’s not that I don’t trust their numbers but I do wonder how they arrived at this total. . .

Anyway, let’s take a second to bask in the joy of these numbers. Look at Cyber Monday with a 22% increase. And what’s with these new special days, “Green Monday” and “Free Shipping Day?” Next we’ll have “Deep, Deep Discount Day” and “Last Chance Day” for all those who wait until the last minute.

Seriously, look at the week ending December 25. Remember, this is online e-commerce. I wonder how much was paid out in overnight shipping fees in order to get all of that merchandise to arrive in time. (Maybe those numbers were boosted by Best Buy customers who had to start over again!)

Downloads Galore

comScore also totaled up the download sales on Christmas Day and guess what they found? Digital content and subscriptions accounted for more than 20% of online sales on December 25. On an average day in December, downloads only account for 2.8%.

Looks like a lot of people got tablets, e-readers and smartphones under the tree this year.

Any predictions for holiday 2012? Better numbers? Worse? Or about the same?