The New Twitter’s Here! The New Twitter’s Here!

As we always like to do here at MP we will let you absorb the new Twitter using their video. We do this instead of trying to tell you how to best use the new design without having a real chance to run with it ourselves. Oh, we also do that because we know you can think for yourselves. Visit the Twitter blog for some more info or here for even more. We’ll be checking in with our thoughts once we have them.

Google Goggles Improvements Add to Your Search Options

Search sure has come a long way from its blue text link beginnings. While the desktop and mobile versions of Google still offer some of those options there are so many different ways to search now it’s hard for marketers to get their arms around optimizing it all.

Voice search adds a whole new dimension to the discipline and Siri has upped the ante (at least initially as it seems that its Beta tag is proving it should be just that, in beta). The other side of the “new search” has been products like Google Goggles which allows users to take a picture of what they are interested in learning more about then letting Google (hopefully) either identify the object in question and supply additional information about it. I have used the service before and found the need to frame and click an item perfectly was clunky. Now it appears that that has changed.

More Research Shows Bright Internet Ad Spend Future

Still having trouble getting the powers that be to give you more funds for your Internet marketing efforts? Still trying to convince some people on your team of the value of the Internet to future of the business? Well, a quarterly report produced by ZenithOptimedia which claims to be one of the largest media services firms in the world (don’t they all?) gives dome indication that the switch of marketing dollars to the online space is alive and well and should be for the next several years.

First, the overall news as we see the rise of Internet spending vs. other media choices.

Marketers Plan to Invest More in Social Media and Email

With the end of 2011 nearly upon us, it’s time to take a look at 2012 and from here, it’s looking pretty nice.

StrongMail has published the results of their marketing trends survey and we’ve got it all right here. The most encouraging sign is the fact that 92% of businesses surveyed said they plan to increase or maintain their marketing spend.

For those planning to increase, email was awarded the biggest bonus with 60% of respondents saying they’ll increase spend in that area. Social media was a close second with 55%.

But take a look at mobile. Only 37% said they’d be spending more marketing dollars in that area and that’s both surprising and not. Surprising, because mobile is one of the fastest moving trends in both marketing and for consumers. With so many people turning to mobile to shop, it’s an avenue that has to be explored if a company wants to stay current.

IAB’s Lists Top 15 Mobile Shopping Cities

Which US city has the most mobile savvy shoppers? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a big city, but not one traditionally known as a shopping mecca. Cross out New York (#2) and San Francisco (#11).

Give up? It’s Houston, with a mobile shopper savviness index of 122. Apparently, the stars at night aren’t the only thing big and bright in Texas. They have the highest percentage of consumers with mobile phones (67%). They also score the highest for retail and social media apps and they love mobile coupons. So, if you run a business in Houston, take note!

This information is part of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

Click through to see the entire infographic which is pretty cool.

Facebook Timelines In New Zealand with Guidance By Chosen Few

There is some buzz happening around the rollout of Facebook’s much bally-hooed Timeline feature. Of course, in fine Internet industry fashion it is being trumpeted in front of the whole world but is currently only available in the high population center of New Zealand.

Mashable’s editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff has graced us with his take on the service that has been “leaked” ahead of this move:

Mashable showed us all how to build our Timelines early, ahead of Facebook’s broader rollout schedule. As a result, I, and millions of others, have had the opportunity to build and play with our Timelines. The fact that we could do so is, I believe, no accident on Facebook’s part. Last month, Facebook executives told me they wanted to seed savvier users with the feature to help guide newbies. Essentially, to prepare them for this day when average people would be confronted with this simple choice. Once they opt into Timeline, their profile page will never be the same, and they will look to those who have been using Timeline for more than two months for help.

Content Marketing Hurdles Are Significant But Not Insurmountable

As I was doing my daily early morning scan of way too much information for anyone to actually ingest, I came across a study that was done by IDG and looked at by the Center for Media Research. The study looked at technology marketers, the classic B2B marketers who are trying to sell their wares to other businesses in most cases.

The study was interesting and talked about all the great plans for spending for 2012 but the most important piece of data in my opinion is the one that marketers often overlook which are the barriers to getting the work done. In particular, this related to an area deemed very important by these surveyed marketers: content marketing. Take a look.

Whether it’s lead generation or whatever else as the end game of online marketing, content is the crux of it all. People don’t just come to a site because they are told they should. They don’t fill in forms on sites because it’s fun. They don’t open themselves up to the sales process because they feel lonely and are looking to talk to someone.