Carrier IQ: It Must Be A Big Deal If Sen. Franken Speaks Up!

There is a lot of privacy and mobile phone these days as it relates to the software that exists on many (if not most) smartphones call Carrier IQ.

It’s to be used, in its purest sense, to help carriers ID network issues. Ah but as with so many other things in the Internet space, it can do so much more and most of it is what no one should be doing which is watching everything you do on your phone including claims of tracking keystrokes. If you want the complete and gory details you can find articles here, here and here. Apparently, the software is used by AT&T and Sprint but not Verizon and Google claims no affiliation with the software and Apple stopped with iOS5.

Video Ad Are Increasing and So Are the Views

Everyone expects to see commercial breaks when they sit down to watch TV, but commercial breaks on online videos. . . that’s another thing.

When sites like YouTube began offering up short-form entertainment, people weren’t willing to watch a commercial, before, during or after. So they slapped an Adsense banner ad across the bottom of the vid and called it the cost of doing business.

But online video has experienced explosive growth in the past year and video ads have grown right along with it. Look at these numbers from FreeWheel:

Twitter Opens Self-Serve Ads to Select Buyers

Twitter’s been talking about adding a self-serve option to their ad program for a while now and it looks like it’s finally happening. I say “looks like,” because the only official announcement was a mention at the Business Insider’s Ignition conference.

Now, the press is all over it but Twitter is hanging back. So why aren’t they banging the drums?

The PR rep for Twitter told AllThingsDigital that they’re planning a slow roll-out of the option, beginning with a few, select advertisers.

As with all of our advertising efforts, we’re starting small, testing carefully and making improvements as we learn what works. We will slowly roll this capability out to more advertisers in the coming weeks and months.

Step Up to the New Google Bar

Just got used to the black bar running across the top of your screen with all the Google services listed? Well, one should learn to never get too comfortable in today’s online world. Check out the video for the new Google bar. Oh the times they are a changin’. I wonder if Google is gearing up for a big push during a competitor’s impending IPO quiet period? Just thinking out loud ……

From the Official Google blog

So what do you think?

Adobe Purchase of Efficient Frontier Continues Shift for Company

Adobe used to be about tools. Tools that help people create things in an online world. Reader, Photoshop, Flash and other well known brands defined the company. That is until recently. The company has made many acquisitions and the shift toward a data / service orientation rather than the seller of products is made very obvious by the their latest acquisition Efficient Frontier.

As Bloomberg Businessweek reports

Adobe Systems Inc. said it would buy online-advertising company Efficient Frontier to gain software that lets marketers place ads on Google Inc.’s and Facebook Inc.’s websites.

Walmart Uses Facebook To Help You Choose Gifts

OK I ‘ll get the cynical and sarcastic part of this thought out of the way right out of the gate. Why on earth would anyone turn to Walmart to make decisions for what gifts to buy for your friends and family? Well, when you consider that the source of the information is your friends’ and family’s information on Facebook you can relax and think “Ok, well maybe this might work.”

Walmart has used the talent of one of its acquisitions, Kosmix, to develop @WalmartLabs which is their arm for putting together apps like this one called ShopyCat. All Things Digital reported

Wal-Mart has launched its first Facebook application that helps people buy better gifts for their friends.