Google+ Ads Will Get Your Attention

I was watching football today while relaxing with my family on Christmas Eve. I decided to get a snack and suddenly I hear “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie coming from the TV. I have always loved that song and people have used it in cool ways at times.

Well, this time it was Google’s turn. A great song, the Muppets and Google+ hangouts during the NFL. I paid attention, I was entertained and I was thinking about Google+. Nice job, Google.

Alert the Media. Facebook Explains Advertising

Do you know what confuses me? Advertising. I don’t understand why these little boxes with product names show up on web pages I visit. And I really don’t understand why people interrupt my TV shows with short videos about cars and food and cleaning products. What’s the point?

If only there was someone who could explain it all to me!

Oh, wait! Now there is! Facebook has a whole web page and video that explains advertising in a way that is simple enough for a three-year-old. The video is so juvenile, the only thing missing is Bert and Ernie.

Here’s the process:

And why do they do this? Because. . .

comScore Says Toys and Tech Were the Big Winners for November

comScore just released a report on the Top 50 Web Properties for November, complete with an ironic twist. was one of the big winners for the month. They ranked #1 in their category with 35.3 million visitors and #2 on the list of top gainers with a 78% increase.

Most companies would be celebrating, but Best Buy is now feeling nothing but pain for their efforts. Seems their heavy advertising push and slashed prices (to compete with Walmart and Amazon) made them a little too popular. The company sent out notices to a large number of customers saying that they have to cancel their orders, orders that were gauaranteed to arrive by Christmas.

B2B Marketers Using Social Media More and More

We have watched the B2B space lag behind in the Internet and social media marketing space for most of the existence of the industry. That’s not a knock on the B2B space really because the nature of Internet marketing lends itself much more readily to B2C plays.

Of course that doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t work for the B2B space. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and as B2B marketers continue to see just how these options can fit into their business and marketing plans this area of the Internet is just starting to truly see the light. This epiphany of sorts could make 2012 a very interesting year in the B2B space for social media marketing.

As shown by some statistics from a study conducted by eMarketer, social media is being used. It’s the continual evolution of exactly HOW it is being used that will mark the arrival of the marketing tool to the space.

A Christmas Wish List for 2011

Hey Santa! Is it too late to drop in a quick wish list for this year for Christmas? You see, I write about a variety of things in the Internet and social media marketing space and there are more than a few things I would love to get as a gift (or maybe see as a trend) so I figured why not, right? You’re in the “dream coming true business” so I just thought I would fire this off to you.

My 2011 Christmas Wish List

  • Could you make sure that the words guru, maven and ninja and any others like them would be stricken from the social media lexicon and no one can use them again unless they are OK with being mocked and ridiculed? Thanks!

‘Facebook’ Takes Top Honors as the Most Searched Term in 2011

Our obsession with Facebook drove the word to be the most searched term in 2011. Take that Justin Bieber! The mini-crooner came in 92, but he did top the list of “most searched celebs.”

All these fun facts are coming to us from Experian Hitwise and we’ve got even more! Memorize a few and use them to astound your friends and family at the holiday dinner table.

Online Rules!

It’s probably no coincidence that the top 10 most-searched terms are all internet destinations. YouTube, Craigslist (one of my personal favorites), Ebay and the like. I was initially perplexed by why people would search “” when they could just put it in the address bar. Then I remembered watching my husband navigate to Facebook and that’s what he does – he types the term in the Google search then uses the link to access the site. I’ve tried to tell him that’s the long way around but you know. . . dogs and tricks.

Is Social Media More Than Just a Megaphone for Unhappy Customers?

This is part 3 of a series of posts from Chris Lorence, the CMO of the Independent Community Bankers of America. Chris is working to get a very traditional group to “buy in” to social media and we are letting you in on the process he is going through. His first post introduced us to the battle he faced just getting his members’ attention. His second post, was about helping his members simply see the social media light. Today, we see how Chris helps the uninitiated see what can be done to take the pain out of social media criticism.

This series is part of our ongoing effort here at Marketing Pilgrim to show the real world of social media rather than just the industry hype and drivel. Let us know what you think and give us an idea of what you might like to see in the future.