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Over the past year, companies have:

All of these warranted an apology of EPIC proportions, yet Johnson & Johnson may end up with the best public apology of the year for simply deciding to no longer produce its popular o.b. tampons line.

As the LA Times explains

Shelves were emptied and the tampons were reportedly selling on eBay for more than $100 (a recent search found a 40-count box of Ultras on a Buy It Now for $79. Ouch). As for the reason for the disappearance, that still remains unclear; the company said it had a supply interruption but some wondered whether there might be quality control or manufacturing issues.

After such an uproar, the tampons are not only back, but J&J has come up with one of the most elaborate apologies, well, ever. The “Triple Sorry” apology comes in the form of a music video personalized to the viewer. Simply enter your name at the beginning and you’ll be treated to a whimsical, entertaining, and heartfelt, apology.

It’s worth watching, even if you are a dude. 🙂


  • This post conjures up memories of a Seinfeld episode featuring a birth control device that was taken off the market. But all kidding aside, you have to appreciate some great services marketing here by J & J: they clearly are listening to their customers, and they know how to execute a great service recovery. In the end, this strategy will probably create customer loyalty far in excess of any dissatisfaction they initially caused.