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Twitter’s been talking about adding a self-serve option to their ad program for a while now and it looks like it’s finally happening. I say “looks like,” because the only official announcement was a mention at the Business Insider’s Ignition conference.

Now, the press is all over it but Twitter is hanging back. So why aren’t they banging the drums?

The PR rep for Twitter told AllThingsDigital that they’re planning a slow roll-out of the option, beginning with a few, select advertisers.

As with all of our advertising efforts, we’re starting small, testing carefully and making improvements as we learn what works. We will slowly roll this capability out to more advertisers in the coming weeks and months.

Interesting concept. Test it with a small group to see if it works before jumping in with both feet. Innovative.

Slow roll-out or not, self-serve ads are a huge leap toward making Twitter a prominent player in the social media marketing world. With self-serve, they open up the system to smaller companies and that means a wider variety of ads and more chances to properly target users.

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The downside is a potential glut of promoted tweets. Right now, these paid spots are pretty unobtrusive. But I could see Twitter moving to make them bigger, bolder or brightly colored in order to catch your attention. But since I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for my account, I’m happy to view and click a few ads now and then.

The reality is, probably 25% of my Twitter stream is made up of non-paid ads – people promoting articles, ebooks, their online stores, etc. So a few more paid ads, won’t really make a difference.

  • Well, twitter may think that its not yet the right time to do that self service option to their ad program!

    but i’d love to try it myself!

    I will just wait for it then 🙂

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