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As marketers we often have to pay attention to areas of life that we ourselves have no interest in. Many people get turned off when we talk about sports but guess what? Whether you, as a marketer, watch or not is COMPLETELY irrelevant. If your market is there you better be there as well no matter what your personal peccadilloes.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, many marketers are just beginning to understand the power of getting in front of the sports fan while they are at the event or anywhere for that matter. Sports fans, it turns out, aren’t all beer chugging galoots (how the heck to you really spell that anyway?). In fact they are, gulp, social media savvy! This goes WAY beyond beer advertising and Cialis as well. Check out this poll from Coyle Media and see which winter sport attracts real social media users.

Social Sports Poll - Check-ins

Sports Marketing from Coyle Media, LLC.

Sports marketing often gets pigeon-holed as the domain of beer and all things low brow but that couldn’t be further from reality especially when marketers understand just how many Internet savvy fans are spending a lot of time and money around sports.

Are you paying enough attention to this segment? Could you be thinking outside the box to reach untapped markets for your products and services?

  • I’ve often observed that sports marketing online is too driven by the old cliches of media buys and using the big media sites to blast banners at a big audience. More organic forms of marketing are often lost, nice to see that this could bring it some attention. It would be very interesting to see what the numbers would look like if collegiate sports were included, as well. Particularly NCAA men’s basketball and football.

  • I know Pat Coyle has looked at most of these angles so I would suggest you check in with his work

  • Cynthia Boris

    I only watch one sport, hockey. This year, Oggie’s Pizza offered free “Stix” every time the Ducks made a Power Play goal. I’ve never eaten at Oggie’s, never even heard of them before but this week I saw one near my home and it all clicked into place. Now I’ve got a new pizza place to try and I wouldn’t even have noticed them if they hadn’t heard the promotions on the Ducks games.

    My two conclusions, sports marketing is great for local and it’s not just for men.