Revenue Starts to Figure Into Social Media ROI

We’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. Everyone knows social media marketing is good for business, but no one has a surefire method for quantifying the results.

To get around this, most marketers make themselves feel better by saying that social media marketing is primarily about brand awareness. This is true and important. Having your name out there is better than not, but awareness alone doesn’t pay the bills. That awareness needs to convert into sales and that’s the problem. Not the “getting sales” part but the “measuring sales” part.

Wildfire just put together a new infographic on this very topic. You can see the whole graphic when you click here. I’d like to focus on one part.

Facebook Wants to Make a Movie About Your Life

Imagine a movie based on your life. Would it be a blockbuster adventure? A romantic comedy? Hopefully not fodder for a Lifetime Original.

Oh forget imagining, Facebook wants to make it so, with the Timeline Movie Maker. Opt in, click a few choices and you’ll have a mini movie showing the best years of your life set to music. As long as you documented those years on Facebook, of course.

AdAge thinks Facebook is using the movie maker to make Timeline “less fearsome.” Personally, I think it makes it even worse.

These functions are terrific if you have cool list of adventures on your Facebook. For the rest of us, not so much. Seriously, I don’t even want to look at mine. It’s like watching your life flash before your eyes and the most exciting thing on there is the trip you took to Disneyland ten years ago.

The Super Bowl and Video SEO

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As Super Bowl XLVI is less than a week away, advertisers and marketers are firming up their ads that are expected to cost $3.5 – $4 million for a :30 second spot on NBC. While “Super Bowl commercials” are amongst the most exciting parts of the experience for the consumer (not the avid sports fan), marketers and advertisers should ask themselves if their commercial will effectively generate brand awareness and a purchase decision.

It seems as though Super Bowl commercials have become more of a battle of wit versus creating brand awareness. In recent years, more and more companies compete with each other and focus more on injecting humor into the ad versus focusing on making some sort of conversion. With the Super Bowl being presented online for the first time this year, perhaps advertisers should focus also on creating a viral marketing video that coincides with their super $3.5 million advertisement during the big game.

Hellooooo! Super Bowl Ads Before the Super Bowl

I am a Seinfeld fan. A fan of the show that is. His standup? Not so much. So, I got a little nervous when I heard he was doing a Super Bowl commercial because we know how these things can go. Well, this one wasn’t too bad. Oh and the folks at Acura? Smart move promoting the ad now rather than waiting to “premiere” it during the game. You’ll get more attention now. Very smart.

Of course, being a New York Giants fan, I won’t be paying any attention to ads during the game. Have fun “analyzing” the commercials. I’ll be watching the game and that’s it.

How uncool, huh? Watching a football game for the football. Can you forgive me?

Twitter’s Costolo Talks About Google, IPO’s and More

At the All Things D’s, D: Dive Into Media event, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo was interviewed by Peter Kafka. He touches on Google, China, political ads, IPO’s and more. Of course, he has to say that 2012 is going to be the year of a Twitter election. Not too arrogant but hey who am I to argue? Oh and shockingly, Kara Swisher gets involved.

All kidding aside, thanks to AllThingsD for getting Mr. Costolo to avoid some questions (read: choose not to answer) just to make things interesting!

Any thoughts?

Google Hand-Holds Congress Through Privacy Concerns

Google must be getting paranoid by now. I bet Larry Page can’t fart without getting a letter from Congress these days.

The latest Congressional attention of course comes from the latest privacy scandal to hit the Internet. Oh, I’m sorry, I must have channeled my inner sensationalistic blogger for that last line. The only thing that has really happened, at least as Google says it of course, is the consolidation of privacy policies. That idea was enough to get members of Congress to get their hands out of lobbyists pockets and realize that the cameras might be rolling in an election year so they jumped to attention and called Google to protect your interests (wink, wink, nod, nod).

Google responded on their Public Policy Blog

Will 2012 Become the Year of Mobile SEO?

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The mobile Web has been gaining HUGE momentum in the past few years. Different statistics pertaining to the mobile Internet paint a vivid picture of the latter growing bigger each day: