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Amazon should be pretty happy with the results from the, get ready because this is a mouthful, National Retail Federation Foundation / American Express Customers’ Choice Awards. In the age where reputation can make or break your operation Amazon and its subsidiary, Zappos, took 1st and 3rd place respectively. Of course, one has to assume that these results were arrived at before Zappos had their own brush with a potential reputation crusher of being hacked over this past weekend.

Here are the Top 10

2. L.L.Bean
3. Zappos
5. QVC
6. Kohl’s Department Stores
7. Lands’ End
8. JCPenney
9. Newegg
10. Nordstrom

This is a pretty interesting list in that many of the largest online players appear to be doing a god job of making sure their lifeblood, the customer, is being served well. I know personally that while I have not done business with all of these businesses if they are anywhere near as good as Amazon is with their customer service then they are doing something special.

This video from the NRFF is an interesting watch.

The question you have to ask is how would Zappos position in this survey change based on recent events? Did they handle it well enough to keep tier 3rd place position? Were any of those 9,300 participants in the voting part of the 24 million accounts that Zappos asked people to change their passwords for?

Online reputation is a delicate thing for sure. It can be solid one day and completely tarnished the next. The speed at which brands get hurt badly based on customer experience is accelerated to a pace that most businesses are not ready for. Are you ready?