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Microsoft’s Bing search engine grabbed 15.1% of the total search pie in December, a rise of .01% over November. Nothing to write home about? Actually, it is, because with that .01%, Bing slid past Yahoo to become number two on the charts.

Here are the numbers straight from comScore:

USAToday says the jockeying for position was due to a partnership agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo that gave Microsoft the searches so Yahoo could save money.

I say, it was the Bumble that earned Bing that second place ribbon. From Black Friday on, Bing flooded the TV ad market with commercials based on Rankin-Bass’ classic retelling of Rudolph. The Bumble used Bing to find out how to be scary. Yukon searched for a hot yoga studio, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus went bubble wrap crazy.

Add to this, Bing’s advent calendar of deals and downloads and it’s easy to see why they won the battle. But what now? The Bumble has gone back to his snowy cave until next year and now Bing is the official search engine of The Sundance Film Festival. Nice, but it’s no Rudolph.

Can Bing keep the small lead they picked up in December? If it really is a product of the Yahoo partnership, then yes. If not, I’d bet the two companies continue to swap in and out of the number two spot for the rest of the year.

As for number one? It’s this search engine called Google. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

  • Doesn’t surprise me. Much as I hate to acknowledge this in myself, Yahoo! is yesterday, Bing is today. There’s no empirical reasoning for that statement, but it’s how I feel.