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TLC has a TV show called “Extreme Couponing,” which demonstrates the lengths people will go to in order to save a buck. The saying “only in America” comes to mind and a new survey from GfK bears that out.

The study took a look at the behaviors of “Xtreme Shoppers” around the globe. They don’t offer a clear definition of which shoppers fall into this category, but they’re definitely people you want on your side.

Europe has a larger concentration of xtreme shoppers with Russia and the UK taking the lead, well over the US. What’s really fascinating is how folks on the two sides of the globe answered the following shopping questions.



Note the big difference in regard to couponing and deals. The US shoppers eat that stuff up, while the European shoppers put it last on their wish list.  I wonder how much of this behavior is a response to availability or are we here in the US simply bigger, penny-pinchers?

Where Europe does dominate is in their use of the internet for shopping. Europe also beat the US in regard to increased online shopping. 82% of the respondents in Poland said they’re using the internet more often, the overall percentage for Europe was 67% but only 62% for the US. Germany came in last with only 52% of respondents noting an increase in online shopping.

Shopping with a mobile device is also on the rise. Russia and Spain topped the charts with more than 33%. Europe overall came in at 25%, only slightly above the US. (Asia and South America were not included in the study.)

Finally, when asked about customer loyalty, shoppers around the world said they want to be rewarded for their business or they’ll go elsewhere. And they really mean it. More than 90% of respondents in Russia, Poland and France agreed with that statement. Tough markets. I wonder how they’d feel about a coupon for 25% off their next order?