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Facebook is bringing its Facebook Comments option to mobile sites. Facebook announced yesterday

Today we’re launching the Comments Box plugin for mobile to make it easier for media sites to engage people across the web and mobile devices, and for people to comment on news regardless of where they’re reading it.

The Comments Box for mobile is the latest update to the plugin to make commenting more social and authentic, improve the quality of conversations online, and drive traffic and engagement to media sites. For example, in December we added a Subscribe link in the plugin next to the names of people who’ve turned on Subscribe to help them grow their Subscriber base.

As with most things mobile regarding Facebook many would think that it is about time that this happened. Facebook is nothing if not deliberate in its approach to its mobile app but right now it certainly seems to be working so you take what they give you, right?

What was most interesting about this announcement was the piece of it that was more about the philosophy of the service vs. the functionality of it.

……Christopher Wolf, an Internet and privacy attorney who leads the Internet Task Force of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote a letter to The New York Times last November saying, “People who are able to post anonymously (or pseudonymously) are far more likely to say awful things, sometimes with awful consequences, such as the suicides of cyberbullied young people. The abuse extends to hate-filled and inflammatory comments appended to the online versions of newspaper articles — comments that hijack legitimate discussions of current events and discourage people from participating.”

You can take it for what it is worth. There is merit in it, in that one is forced to comment without the cover online anonymity which is often just for cowards. Now it may be even harder to be anonymous when you are on the move :-).

  • That’s great i never thought that i will do that much with my mobile any time. It is really good to see that FB has launching these type of apps. This will really help what recent is happening in FB and can share your view on it instantly.