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Want to save up to 45% on your Facebook advertising bill? It’s easy. Simply link your ad to your Facebook Page and not your website.

A new study by TGB Digital shows that Facebook has been incentivizing internal linking for awhile now but they really got serious in Q4 of 2011. Earlier in the year, the company found a 29% savings for those who kept the clicks internal. But now, with a potential to save up to 45%, staying inside the walls is almost a given.

Simon Mansell, CEO of TBG Digital, said in a press release:

“The potential cost savings available by maintaining traffic within the Facebook environment is particularly compelling and demonstrates its effectiveness as an advertising channel and also as a ‘destination’, with more and more clients investing heavily into their Facebook presence With the reported introduction of mobile adverts early this year, the opportunities for advertisers will continue to grow and Facebook is cementing its position as an increasingly essential part of major brands’ advertising strategies.”

This price cut is especially important, given that the cost per click for US Facebook ads has risen 10%. On the upside, TGB says that Click Through Rates are also on the rise, up 18% in 2011.

It’s not all good news for Facebook, though. The social site gets the majority of its ads from only a few sectors. One of those is finance, and they’re the least likely to work with internal linking.

If the game category seems a little light to you, there’s a reason. According to Business Insider, these shares were calculated after a certain big game company was removed from the equation.

Mansell didn’t want to say which company, but he did say that including them would skew the results.

To that, I say, “ba-Zynga!”

What do you think about the idea of linking internally on Facebook ads? Is it worth it to drive traffic to your Facebook page? Once Facebook stores become more prominent, then certainly it would be worth linking internally, but now? Facebook Pages are a form of advertising. So in a way, you’d be paying for an ad to send people to an ad.

So when is it advantageous to send people to your Facebook page instead of your website? I guess when Facebook is willing to give you a 45% discount to do it.

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  • This is quite interesting.
    Do you know if its possible to include your landingpage on your facebook page, so your ad is still effective. If you have a webshop with a good deal, im thinking that i’ll loose alot of CTR from the facebook page to my webshop, if i can not somehow show my deal.

    But thx for the info, this is surely something to consider

  • Valuable info. It saves money, which is the number one factor in evaluating ROI

  • Mmm. I am going to have to give this serious thought. I haven’t advertised on FB before but didn’t like the perceived ROI. I do like these numbers.