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If you have avoided creating a Timeline in Facebook or you simply didn’t know how to do it, over the few weeks or so it won’t matter anymore. Facebook is officially rolling the feature out to all Facebook accounts so get ready. Oh and don’t forget the 7 day “grace period” to clean up your online mess of life so others might be entertained.

By this point in time Facebook’s Timeline isn’t really news unless you are one of the millions upon millions of Facebook users who don’t pay attention to changes in the social media giant until they are forced upon them. All that means is that there will be the shrill cry of those mortally wounded (in a social media kinda way of course) by the grave injustice that Facebook will have perpetrated upon them by making a, gulp, change.

Just read some of the comments over at TechCrunch to see that there is nothing like Facebook change to bring out the joy in folks!

Can’t you just feel the love?

I bet the folks over at Google will be excited to see that there has been another crime committed against the socialnistas. Oh and Google will be most excited that it can’t be connected back to the Googleplex in any way. Or can it? Any thoughts? Any way you can imagine to blame Google for this problem? There has to be at least one ……

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  • Cynthia Boris

    I finally got it and didn’t know it since you can’t see it unless you’re looking at your own profile. I’m unimpressed.

    The only time this looks good is if you’re a person that does a ton of cool things in life. Had lunch with Tom Cruise, went boat racing, appearing on stage with Beyonce tonight, that kind of thing. The rest of us just look boring.

  • Dat

    there’s a facebook app that provides covers and cover creation tools for your timeline. the link is

  • I agree with one of the comments in the article, currently the only good updated feature is the cover photo.

    I can see the actual timeline idea being more beneficial in the future. Most Facebook users have only been using the social network for 3-4 years, meaning they are not interested in seeing what they were up to a couple of years back. However, in 20 years it will be nice (embarrassing for some) to look back on our past self’s and remember the good times.