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Imagine a movie based on your life. Would it be a blockbuster adventure? A romantic comedy? Hopefully not fodder for a Lifetime Original.

Oh forget imagining, Facebook wants to make it so, with the Timeline Movie Maker. Opt in, click a few choices and you’ll have a mini movie showing the best years of your life set to music. As long as you documented those years on Facebook, of course.

AdAge thinks Facebook is using the movie maker to make Timeline “less fearsome.” Personally, I think it makes it even worse.

These functions are terrific if you have cool list of adventures on your Facebook. For the rest of us, not so much. Seriously, I don’t even want to look at mine. It’s like watching your life flash before your eyes and the most exciting thing on there is the trip you took to Disneyland ten years ago.

Now here’s me taking off my cynical cap for a moment. I suppose there are people who will enjoy watching their life condensed into a few minutes. Watch the kids growing up. Relive that crazy Christmas. Be reminded of that honor from school or work. And if you want to share those memories with friends, then why not?

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Look at it this way, the more data you make public, the easier it will be for marketers to target you with their ads on Facebook. (Did I forget to mention that I put my cynical hat back on?)

PCWorld even quotes Facebook as saying, “We think there will be lots of companies that come up with fun, innovative ways for people to extend the Timeline experience.”

From a marketing perspective, I think the new Timeline apps are brilliant. One click and it’s a custom made ad for the shoes you bought, the movie you watched or the restaurant you just tried. But collecting all of that information into a movie for others to see? I wonder if “You’re So Vain” is one of the movie song choices?

Seriously, you oughta be in pictures and I want to see your Timeline Movie Maker video when it’s done. Are you brave enough to leave a link in the comments below?

  • I wonder if there will ratings for these “movies.” 🙂

  • This feature id definitely going to help the marketers a lot. They will enjoy the movie of the growth of their business through facebook timeline as i am enjoying!!!