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Google+ is nothing if not well balanced, they’ve recently released two new tools that will help you both save and waste time.

First up is the new text option for photos. Drop a photo into your share box, click add text and you have the option of adding lines above, in the middle, and / or below the picture. It’s your basic LOLCats effect and though I’m sure it can be useful to marketers, it’s more than likely to be used as a time waster.

And even though Google+ engineer Colin McMillen introduced the feature as a way to add funny text to photos, there’s no indication that the tool will refuse your work if it’s not funny.

Then again, maybe that’s why I got nothing but FAIL when I tried it. I couldn’t figure out how to blow the text up to a bigger size so I ended up with a photo with tiny white text clustered in the middle. I’m usually much more technologically savvy but then photos and I don’t ever get along.

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After wasting time making funny photos, you can save yourself some time with the auto-hashtag generator. As you’re typing your post, simply add a # sign, the first letter and you’ll get a drop-down of common options. #awesome.

Hashtags are a great way to reach more people with your posts. I use them often on Twitter but always forget about them on Google+. Try one today. May I suggest #funwithphotos so you can test out both new features at once.

  • Hashtags are a great way of contextualizing content, especially stand-alone ones like images or one-liners. It helps nuance the message of the content, as well as the subculture the content is speaking to.